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Have you ever been to Whole Foods? If not, you need to try it! Whole Foods is a grocery store that is based off of freshness, healthiness, and natural foods. Not only is Whole Foods a great choice for everyday grocery shopping, here are five more reasons you should give Whole Foods a try…


  1. Juices. Whole Foods carries a ton of different brands of juices that are actually healthy. Many juices contain just as much sugar as soda, with a ton of other additives that make the juice categorized as a dessert rather than the healthy beverage you are aiming for. At Whole Foods, they offer a variety of brands of juice that are legitimately healthy, like the Cold Pressed Raw Juice that they make in store. They also carry Naked Juices, which I am a huge fan of. Though these juices might seem high in calories, they are calorie dense, which is much more important.
  2. Gluten-free products. Whether you are gluten intolerant or just try to avoid gluten because you know of the health benefits of doing so, Whole Foods provides products that you love free of gluten, like bread. They also carry almond flour, which is a gluten-free substitute for baking. These products allow you not to deprive yourself of these foods, but to make better choices and eat them in a healthier manner.
  3. Salad bar. Whole Foods has an amazing salad bar! If you are too tired from a day of work or an intense work out at the gym, instead of hitting the drive thru, Whole Foods gives you this as an amazing option. Their salad bar has virtually anything you could want on your salad, and it is reasonably priced. And you make it yourself, so you know exactly what goes on it. This is probably my favorite thing about Whole Foods, because it is one of the only places that offers such a thing.
  4. Different products. Looking for gluten free, dairy free ice cream? Whole Foods has it. Acai packs for smoothies? Whole Foods has it. Vegetarian meats? Whole Foods has it. Dandelion root tea bags? Whole Foods has it. You get the idea…if you can dream it up, Whole Foods probably has it.
  5. Cooking demos. Maybe you’re interested in all of these new, unique, uber healthy foods but would have no idea how to cook with them. That’s not a problem: Whole Foods offers cooking demos. At the front of the store, there is probably a demo schedule. Check it out! Who couldn’t use a quick cooking demo for a new healthy recipe from a professional?

I hope all of these reasons will inspire you to give Whole Foods a try.

Already in love with Whole Foods for a different reason? Leave me a comment to tell me why!

Thanks for reading!

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