Dynamic Open Faced Sandwiches

I have a new obsession. I blogged about a great breakfast idea a few weeks ago and now I have a new lunch idea for you: open faced sandwiches. Nothing too revolutionary, I know. But they are amazing! And if you add the right ingredients, you don’t need any fattening condiments. Or cheese, actually, which can be high in calories and fat as well.

So, you start with bread (obviously). I like mine toasted, but its totally your prerogative. Bread is something that I’m willing to “spend the calories” on. I’m not the biggest fan of whole wheat bread for sandwiches; I much prefer sourdough. So I use that. Like I’ve said before, you have to allow yourself to splurge on things that you love.


Next I add one of two things: avocado or hummus (you could also go with Greek yogurt, which has many health benefits and that closely impersonates sour cream). Both add a great texture and make the bread a little moister, giving the impression that condiments are on it when in fact there are none! These two also help the other ingredients stick to the bread so it doesn’t totally fall apart as you try to eat it. There are tons of flavors of hummus. I love spicy hummus from Trader Joe’s. In the sandwich pictured below (which is my absolute FAVORITE so far), I went with avocado because I had one that was perfectly ripe. Usually I spread them with a knife but here I just cut it into slices and put it on there. With avocado, I sprinkle a little salt on top to add some great flavor. With hummus, I just spread it on.

The toppings are totally customizable! I love to use spinach, strawberries, scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and anything else I have lying around. Here I use strawberries. Strawberries and avocado are the most strange, amazingly delicious flavor combination. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself. I promise you’ll like it.


Now here’s the best part: eat it. After you’ve added whichever ingredients you want, dig in! How easy was that? And the way you can change up the ingredients adds so much variety. Healthy, quick, delicious, dynamic – the reasons its my favorite new lunch.

Did you try the sourdough, avocado, and strawberry sandwich? Tell me what you think in the comments below!


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