A Few Motivational Tips

The life of a student-athlete is anything but easy. Though after an athlete’s career ends many things get much easier, one thing that suddenly becomes important is staying healthy and fit without coaching or requirements. This is something that I just recently began to realize as my career as a student-athlete ended in May.

In this blog, I will share tips and tricks that I have found useful in a quest of my own to find health and happiness. If you are searching for work out and health tips or are a student athlete beginning this journey of your own, follow my blog because we are in this together! Personal health and happiness are directly correlated so spending some time furthering your own fitness through work out regimens and healthy eating is really important.

The hardest part of working out for me is motivation. Getting my shoes on and getting out the door to the gym can seem harder than the work out itself! Here are some of my favorite tricks for when I am feeling unmotivated:

1. Call a friend! It is much easier to hold yourself accountable for a great, worthwhile work out when you have someone to go with, pace with, and challenge you.
2. Make a killer gym playlist! Music can be really helpful for a work out. Listen to a few songs as you get ready for the gym to add some extra motivation
3. Head outside! If it is a nice day, lace up those sneakers and go for a run at a local park! Hiking is also a great outside work out.
4. Or stay inside! There are many great work out dvds you can purchase for $10 or less! Or look on Pinterest or Google for some free listed work outs – many even have instructional Youtube videos!

Hope you enjoyed the quick tips for work out motivation!
Until next time!



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